Wholesale floral supplier based in Peterborough

Flowers and Plants Direct is a wholesale floral retailer in Peterborough. We supply beautiful and exotic flowers, plants and floral sundries to trade florists, landscape gardeners, event planners and more. Our range of fresh wholesale flowers are extensive and affordable. We also offer an efficient delivery service, which is ideal if you are located in Spalding, Peterborough or Northampton.


Large Collection of Bulk Plants and Flowers

Look no further than Flowers and Plants Direct for quality and affordable bulk plants and flowers. If you’re looking for fresh, beautiful and versatile plants and flowers, pop into our wholesale nursery in Spalding today.

Our Friendly Team Are On Hand To Answer Any of Your Floral Queries!

Reputable Wholesale Nursery

Our vast experience means we know a lot about flowers, plants and floral sundries. So if you want expert advice, drop into our cash and carry or give us a call.

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